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1 Nov

Heaton Park Bonfire and Fireworks Display

Celebrate this years’ Bonfire night at the beautiful Heaton Park in Manchester!

Join us and enjoy one of the biggest Bonfire nights in the region and great firework displays that will light up the sky to commemorate Guy Fawkes’ part in the failed “Gunpowder plot” of 1605, when together with other conspirators he tried to blow up the House of Parliament and kill the King of England.

Why do we have bonfire and fireworks?
After this conspiracy has been discovered, King James I allowed the people to celebrate his survival by lighting fires. The fireworks portray the explosion that would have killed the King and destroy the House of Parliament.

Did you know…?
Guy Fawkes’ plot aimed to kill the protestant King of England, James I, and replace him with a catholic queen.
Even though Guy Fawkes didn’t actually manage to go through with his plan, this event has had a profound effect on the people of England. Today, the reigning monarch enters the House of Parliament once a year for the official “State Opening of Parliament”.
Traditional Bonfire Night food includes jacket potatoes, specially cooked in foil in the bonfire, barbecue food and delicious toffee apples on sticks.
Bonfire night is also celebrated by other Commonwealth countries, like South Africa and Canada.

Let the fun begin…

The gates open at 5 pm with tasty treats and a funfair to entertain the children until 7.30 pm when the bonfire is lit. A wonderful firework display with exploding cascades of colour will follow the bonfire before the end of the event, at 9.30 pm.

From catherine wheels fireworks to fountains and sparklers, this is the perfect night to make a lot of noise and enjoy a fantastic mixture of colours and effects. Get ready for a fun, bright and entertaining night at the Heaton Park Bonfire and Firework display!
The admission is free and no personal fireworks are allowed on site.

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